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Admission Requirements

Please review the pre-requisites for the Master of Science in Community Health Education.

The M.S. in Community Health Education requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a health-related field such as public health; health education/ health promotion; exercise science/kinesiology; nutrition; or other related field is required.

Additional Requirements

If you have a bachelor’s degree in a science field, but one that is not considered a direct healthcare profession (e.g., biology, biomedical sciences, etc.) or a non-health science degree in a field such as business, communications, psychology/sociology, human development, education, or another field, you may be required to take an additional undergraduate health-related course prior to enrolling or while concurrently taking courses during the first semester in the graduate program, as follows:

  • Intro public health or health promotion with a grade of B or better

Prerequisite coursework can be taken at any accredited college/university, including Merrimack College. It must be completed with a grade B or better prior to enrolling in graduate classes.  


If you have questions about prerequisite coursework, contact the Office of Graduate Admission at or 978-837-3563. 

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