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Master of Science in Engineering Management

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Broaden technical skills, acquire leadership and managerial knowledge, deepen and diversify the professional expertise you need to excel as an engineering manager.

Finish in as little as 9 to 12 months.

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Master’s in Engineering Management: Why Merrimack College?

Few graduate engineering programs offer a separate degree in engineering management with concentrations available in Construction Management and Project Management. Even fewer can match Merrimack’s suite of benefits, including:

Marketable skills.

Our engineering management master’s degree equips you to meet the high industry demand for engineering managers. You’ll gain relevant, applied expertise in project supervision, communication, team building, quantitative analysis, decision science, economics, ethics, and other essential engineering management skills.

Collegial environment.

With small classes and a diverse student population, Merrimack College provides an ideal setting for advanced engineering management studies. You’ll become proficient at synthesizing information across disciplines, working collaboratively and solving problems creatively.

Industry connections.

Merrimack College has active partnerships with major corporations such as MITRE, Raytheon, and MKS Instruments. You’ll have opportunities to gain hands-on experience, work with engineering management pros, and build your professional network.

High-achieving faculty.

You’ll learn from seasoned engineering managers who’ve spent years in the industry working for national and global corporations such as CDM Smith and MITRE. Our faculty integrate professional know-how with academic expertise, offering practical insight and career guidance along with textbook instruction.

Diverse Backgrounds.

Merrimack College’s engineering management master’s degree caters to a diverse population. We welcome international students, working adults, career changers and students from non-engineering backgrounds.


We offer multiple pathways to completion. You can complete the master’s in engineering management in less than a year as a full-time student, or take courses part-time to accommodate your work schedule. However you earn the degree, our master’s in engineering management can raise your career trajectory and increase your earning power.

Program Format

  • On-Campus
  • 32 credit hours

Start Terms

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer I
  • Summer II


Career-Focused Engineering Management Curriculum

As a student in the on-campus MS in Engineering Management degree program, you will take core courses in both general business and engineering management, and optionally select electives to complete a concentration in the in-demand specialization area of :

Project Management

The Project Management concentration is designed to equip you with the skills required to successfully initiate, plan and execute complex projects within scope and budget. Coursework focuses on:

  • Identifying project goals, constraints, deliverables, performance criteria, and resource requirements in consultation with stakeholders.
  • Aligning project lifecycles with organizational strategic planning.
  • Leading teams through the decision making process.
  • Managing project scope, cost, timing, and quality as defined by project stakeholders.
  • Adapting plans in response to internal and external issues

Stand Out in the Engineering Management Job Market

The master’s degree in engineering management opens a wide range of professional doors. Engineering managers are in high demand across many industries, with seasoned managers earning average salaries of more than $130,000. In particular, high-tech employers seek well-rounded leaders who can:

  • Communicate effectively with clients
  • Establish long-range plans and strategic goals
  • Foster innovation
  • Develop new products
  • Adapt nimbly to evolving markets
  • Deliver results on time and on budget
  • Operate in global markets
  • Interpret highly technical subject matter for non-expert audiences

Graduates of Merrimack College’s engineering management master’s program stand out in the job market. Our diverse population, interdisciplinary focus, industry partnerships, and experienced faculty provide you with a distinct set of strengths that employers value highly.

Explore Engineering Management Fellowships

Merrimack College offers robust fellowship opportunities to students in the master’s in engineering management program. Qualified applicants gain enhanced professional development via a work placement of up to 25 hours per week. You’ll work closely with a faculty member to gain hands-on experience in activities such as:

  • Research Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant

The fellowship includes full tuition (excluding fees). In addition, scholarships are available to eliminate partial tuition, and they may include advanced professional development opportunities.

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