School of Liberal Arts

At Merrimack College, the liberal arts tradition is a gateway to a thousand different paths in life. Let us get you started on your journey.

Active. Alive. Energized.

The School of Liberal Arts encompasses the humanities and the social sciences, each of which includes a range of disciplines distinguished by their focus of inquiry and by their perspectives and methodologies.

Here, your learning will be alive, active and energized, whether it’s spirited classroom discussions, a service-learning project, study abroad, internships or co-op placements.



Within our multiple academic departments, the School of Liberal Arts offers a number of majors and minors across a broad spectrum of the humanities and social sciences.

Examine how messages shape and are shaped by relationships, organizations and media.
Look to the past for perspective on the complex and interconnected world of today.
Sharpen your communication and critical-thinking skills while diving into life’s most persistent questions.
Learn about the elements that form society and their influence on how people think, feel and act.

Imagine Studying in the School of Liberal Arts

Here, you’ll link theory, research, and practice to make an impact in the classroom, in your community, and around the world. Featuring classes taught by highly experienced faculty, the School of Liberal Arts is the perfect place for you to make your mark.

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No Major? No Problem. Explore or Discover Program.

Studies reveal that 20 to 50 percent of undergraduates come to college not knowing what they want to major in. That makes so-called undeclareds one of the largest majors on campus. To assist these students, Merrimack has created the academic advising program Discover. We’ll meet beginning your first semester on campus and set you on a path to discover the major that’s right for you!

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Dr. Daniel Herda, chair and associate professor in the Department of Sociology, recently published a book titled “Chicago’s Reckoning,” which discusses the complicated history of race, politics, and policing in Chicago to explain how crime works from the top down through urban political machines and the elite figures who dominate them. The book was just awarded the American Society of Criminology Division of Communities and Places’s James Short Senior Scholar Award.


Centers of Attention

Four important learning centers are embedded in or affiliated with the School of Liberal Arts, each providing opportunities for learning, exploration and growth.

Which ones interest you most?

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Debra Simone
Senior Administrator
Cushing 102A


of 2021 liberal arts  graduates had a job or participated in service or graduate programs within nine months of graduation.


of 2021 liberal arts graduates attended graduate school, including Boston College, New England School of Law, Villanova University and Merrimack.


Key hiring companies include Fidelity Investments,  Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation, TJX Companies.