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Merrimack College’s faculty & staff are fully engaged in their fields of study, and always looking to contribute to societal knowledge. Read some of their recent publications below. 

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2022 Publications

Asgari, Sadegh, Ebrahim P. Karan, et al. “Resilience Assessment of Centralized and Distributed Food Systems.” Food Security, vol. 15, no. 1, Sept. 2022, pp. 59–75.
Asgari, Sadegh, Behnam Sherafat, et al. “Sound-Based Multiple-Equipment Activity Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks.Automation in Construction, vol. 135, Mar. 2022, pp. 1-16.
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Bharath, Leena, Sara SantaCruz-Calvo, et al. “The Biological Mechanisms of Metformin Effects on Aging-Associated Inflammation in Obesity.The Journal of Immunology, vol. 208, no. 1_Supplement, May 2022, p. 165.24.  
Bharath, Leena P., Daniela Frasca, and Barbara Nikolajczyk. “Editorial: Obesity, Metabolism and the Immune System.Frontiers in Aging, vol. 3, Sept. 2022, pp. 01-02.   
Bharath, Leena P., Rachel Conway, Jack Donato Rockhold, et al. “Obesity and Fatty Acids Promote Mitochondrial Translocation of STAT3 Through ROS-Dependent Mechanisms.Frontiers in Aging, vol. 3, July 2022, pp. 1-11.   
Bharath, Leena P., Thomas Regan, and Rachel Conway. “Regulation of Immune Cell Function by Nicotinamide Nucleotide Transhydrogenase.American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology, vol. 322, no. 4, Apr. 2022, pp. C666–C673. 
Bharath, Leena P., Samantha N. Hart, and Barbara S. Nikolajczyk. “T-Cell Metabolism as Interpreted in Obesity-Associated Inflammation.Endocrinology, vol. 163, no. 10, Oct. 2022, pp. 1-11.
Bharath, Leena P., and Laura Haynes. “Editorial: Insights in Aging and the Immune System: 2021.Frontiers in Aging, vol. 3, Aug. 2022, pp. 01-02. 
Bowling, April, Leah Poloskey, et al. “Adapting Active Science to PE Curricula: Examining Feasibility and Acceptability in Low-Income, Urban Public Schools.Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, vol. 93, no. 4, Oct. 2022, pp. 741–48. 
Bowling, April, Holly A. Harris, et al. “Child ADHD and Autistic Traits, Eating Behaviours and Weight: A Population‐based Study.Pediatric Obesity, vol. 17, no. 11, Nov. 2022. pp. 1-10.  
Bowling, April, Jessica Peacock, et al. “HIIT and Resistance Training Effects on Learning-Related Outcomes in Underserved School Children.International Journal of Physical Education, Fitness and Sports, vol. 11, no. 1, Jan. 2022, pp. 1–9.  
Davila, Maria (MT). “Four Ways the Church Can Get Ready for a Post-Roe World: Theology en la Plaza.National Catholic Reporter, vol. 58, no. 8, Jan. 2022, pp. 13–17. 
Davila, Maria (MT). “Building a Church of Liberation: Orthopraxis as the Public Shape of the Church’s Common Good.Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, vol. 42, no. 2, 2022, pp. 265–72. 
Davila, Maria (MT). “Building a Church of Liberation: Orthopraxis as the Public Shape of the Church’s Common Good.Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, vol. 42, no. 2, 2022, pp. 265–72. 
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Falk, Audrey Faye, Martina Jordaan, et al. “Exploring the Literature and Rationale for Global E-Cultural Learning:” In Handbook of Research on Fostering Social Justice Through Intercultural and Multilingual Communication, edited by Eleni Meletiadou, IGI Global, 2022, pp. 218–44. [Tolle Lege] LC192.2 .H35 2023.
Falk, Audrey Faye, and Jamie Willer. “The Disciplining and Professionalization of Community Engagement: The Master’s Degree.” In Research Anthology on Service Learning and Community Engagement Teaching Practices, edited by Information Resources Management Association, IGI Global, 2022, pp. 1048–65. [Tolle Lege] LC220.5 .R474 2022. Alumnus, Class of 2019.
Fitzpatrick, Ellen T., Frame, Mariko L., McDowell, William G.Ecological Contradictions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Malaysia.The Journal of Environment & Development, vol. 31, no. 1, Mar. 2022, pp. 54–87.  
Flaherty, Anne F. Boxberger. Presidential Rhetoric and Indian Policy: From Nixon to the Present. Routledge, 2022. [Tolle Lege] E93 .F525 2022.
Frame, Mariko L. “Ecological Imperialism: A World‐Systems Approach.The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, vol. 81, no. 3, May 2022, pp. 503–34. 
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Garrone-Shufran, Stephanie. “Using Reflection to Prepare ESL Teachers to Become Advocates.” Multicultural Education, vol. 29, no. 1/2, Fall/Winter 2022, pp. 34–36.
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Heffernan, George. “Existential Evidence. The Role of Self-Giving in Husserl’s Phenomenology of Existence.” Phanomenologische Forschungen, 2021-22.
Heffernan, George.Husserl’s Phenomenology of Existence: A Very Brief Introduction.” In The Existential Husserl: A Collection of Critical Essays, edited by Marco Cavallaro and George Heffernan, vol. 120, Springer International Publishing, 2022, pp. 1–30. [Tolle Lege] B3279.H94 E95 2022.
Heffernan, George.Stein’s Critique of Heidegger on Temporality, Eternity, and Transcendence—With Special Attention to Conrad-Martius’s Contribution.” In Hedwig Conrad-Martius and Edith Stein: Philosophical Encounters and Divides, edited by Antonio Calcagno and Ronny Miron, vol. 16, Springer International Publishing, 2022, pp. 105–32. [Tolle Lege] B829.5 .H39 2022.
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